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Ask your artist to include a 1/8" bleed and have your vector artwork sized to your preferred die size (label size/shape).  We can send you a PDF die line for your artist to use.

Also, please outline the fonts/convert the text to curves.


  1. STEP #1 – Choose the Selection Tool(shortcut = “V”)
  2. STEP #2 – Select your text(underlined in text format).
  3. STEP #3 – Select the “Type” window, then select “Create Outlines” (Mac shortcut = Shift/Command/O, PC shortcut = Shift/Control/O).

STEP #4 – Your text should now be outlined in vector format.

NOTE: Total upload must be 128 MB or less.

Die line sample below.

12 oz beer can label die line 2018

Pink Line is die line. Green dotted line is bleed.

  • Preferred file extensions - eps, pdf, ai, psd, zip - best for quality printing. (Allowed file extensions: doc, docx, eps, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, ai, png, psd, tif, tiff, zip).
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