Product Info

Custom, Full Color Beer Labels - No plate cost

Here's a summary of our product offerings for beer makers of all sizes.

  • Magazine Quality Printing - Very high resolution digitally printed and digitally cut labels.
  • No Plate or tooling costs - Our printing process eliminates all plates and tooling.
  • Full color - 4 color process - with up to 7 colors per label, add as many colors as you like for no extra cost.
  • Your Digital Photo - Add a digital photo to your label's background (your barn, your cows, goats or sheep, anything that will make your labels unique to your operation and help develop your brand).
  • Label Material - Semi-gloss paper with permanent cold temp PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) - adhesive rated for cold temp environments.
  • Laminated - labels can be laminated (gloss or matte) for extra protection (able to write on the lamination with a Sharpie - 3 to 5 seconds to dry on)
  • UV Varnish – Labels can be varnished – UV gloss or matte varnish for extra protection.
  • Waterproof Inks - Our inks won't run.
  • Barcodes - Add a barcode for no extra cost.
  • Finished on Rolls - easy removal and application and good for storage as well.
  • Sequential Numbering - For batch tracking.
  • Modify Label Design/Info -Flexibility of modifying label shapes and sizes without incurring tooling costs.
  • Private Label Branding - Custom labels printed for weddings, corporate gifts, business development gifts and holiday gifts.

Digitally Printed Labels vs. Flexo Labels

Digital printing does not use plates. We simply use your artwork to print directly from your files to produce very high resolution labels.

Flexo printing requires plates for each color which can be expensive and limit the number of colors on your labels.

Digital on the other hand utilizes four color process which enables you to have colorful, eye catching labels that could help you sell more product than your competition.

Also, digital enables you to print multiple designs (art files) into a single run. For example, you could print varying quantities of 7 different beer flavors with one production run without having to pay for multiple plates. Each flavor is able to have it's own unique colorful art files. You're able to use different colors for each file and our digital process enables us to run all of your labels at the same time.

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Digitally Printed Labels vs. Flexo Labels

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  • Sequential Number labels
  • Variable Images
  • Shelf Signs (Talkers) for retail store shelves
  • POP Signs/Graphics
  • Ceiling Danglers
  • Window Graphics
  • Mini Floor Graphics
  • Banners