Keg Collar Pricing

500 pcs

$0.28 each
  • $140.00

1000 pcs

$0.149 each
  • $149.00

2500 pcs

$0.138 each
  • $345.00

5000 pcs

$0.107 each
  • $535.00

10,000 pcs

$0.0935 each
  • $935.00

15,000 pcs

$0.07033 each
  • $1,054.95



20,000 pcs

$0.06315 each
  • $1,263.00



More Info

Shipping cost is extra.  $10.00 one-time press set-up. 

Mix and match between flagship & seasonal brands if you have more than one keg collar design for each.  Combining quantities for multiple designs will reduce your cost per collar.


High Quality Card Stock with Coating on the front & back – no adhesive

Customize with your logo, checkboxes per brand, company address, etc. – we can help you with design

  • 6.5” Circle
  • 2.25” Die Cut Center with Slits
  • Black and White
  • Finished as Singles

 We also manufacture full color keg collars and keg collars with adhesive. 

6.5" keg collar die line.

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    Keg Collar Examples

    Keg Collar with oval tap handle decals (2) →

    Your keg collar and tap handle decals can be printed one per sheet. You send the sheet, keg and tap handle to the particular location that sells your beer!

    Keg Collar with oval tap handle decal sheeted die line.