Tap Handle Decals

We produce custom, waterproof tap handle decals for breweries of all sizes. We eliminate the need for expensive dies and plates. Our process enables you to have as many colors as desired for each of your brands.

We print on waterproof white vinyl with perm pressure sensitve adhesive. We also laminate our decals for extra protection and our inks are waterproof.

We finish the majority of our tap handle decal orders on sheets. The sheeted decals are easy to remove and apply. Larger runs may be finished on rolls in order to reduce your decal cost.

We can cut any size and shape decal that's needed. We produce many special shaped decals for custom tap handles.

We produce domed tap handle decals as well.

Tap Handle Magnets

Want a magnet instead of a decal for your tap handles? 


Tap Handle Domed Decals

Domed decals are a special type of decal for your tap handles.


City Lights Brewing Co. tap handle decals.

Visual Reference

Tap handle decals sizing reference graphic.

Tap Handle Decals Sizes and Shapes

(Custom Sizes & Shapes Available)

2.64" circle and 1" x 6.85" shaft tap handle decals die lines.
2.64" circle and 1" x 7" shaft tap handle decals die lines.
2.5" circle and 10.25" x 2.09" shaft tap handle sticker die lines.
2.36" x 3.3" tap handles decal die line.
2.3" x 3.3" oval tap handle decal die line.
2.25" x 2.25" special shape tap handle decal die line.
2.83" diameter tap handle decal die line.
3.25" diameter tap handle decal die line.

Mix and Match Your Brands!

The Brewery Print Shoppe mix and match tap handle decals.

Mix and match multiple identically sized brands to reach a higher combined quantity price break.  Each design needs to be the same label size, shape and construction in order to combine and reduce your cost per decal.

Tap Handle Decal & Magnet Examples

Domed Decal Examples